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Candy Bags

  • Great for trade shows - 40gm or 80gm cellophane bags filled with your choice of sweets.
  • Chose from:- Humbugs, Spearmint Leaves, Rainbow Buttons, Pineapple Lumps, Milk Bottle, Minties, Jet Planes, Milkshakes, Kiwi Rocks, Black Balls, Jaffas, Jellybeans, Granny Mints, Fruit Bursts, Brandy balls, Rock Allsorts, Fruit Wheels and Wine Gums.
  • Branding - full colour printed label 60mm x 35mm
  • MOQ - 250 bags
  • When requesting a quote please specify which sweets and the size of bag 40gm or 80gm


$1.45 (ex GST)